MCCAOD – PreventionPrevention

Four distinct evidence-based programs are provided on school campuses in the South Plains and Panhandle.
ALL STARS Program allows sixth and seventh grade students to identify positive ideals and future aspirations, participate in activities and discussions that establish positive peer group norms and reduce peer pressure to engage in risky behaviors. The program promotes bonding with family, school and community, and encourages parents and kids to talk about aspirations and commitments.
LIFE SKILLS is designed for 3rd through 5th grades. This program is available for school districts located in Donley, Hansford, Ochiltree, Sherman, Bailey, Collingsworth, Swisher, Hemphill, Parmer, Dallam, Wheeler, Moore, Yoakum, Childress, and Hall counties. Life Skills places an emphasis on health information, general life skills and drug resistance skills. Students will be able to effectively communicate, develop strong self-esteem, and learn how to avoid the temptations of alcohol, tobacco, and substance use.
YOUTH CONNECTIONS is a unique, multi-cultural, evidence-based prevention program designed for students, ages 9-17, whose high-risk situations, attitudes and behaviors place them at elevated risk for future behavioral and health problems including substance abuse, delinquency and violence. The program goals are to reduce anti-social attitudes and rebellious behavior, increase anti-drug-use attitudes and intentions, reduce early substance use/experimentation and increase coping and social skills.
PROJECT TOWARDS NO DRUG ABUSE is a prevention program for high school students who are experimenting with drugs or alcohol, engaged in delinquent behavior, or at risk of dropping out of school. The curriculum is designed to help students develop self-control and communication skills, acquire resources that help them resist drug use, improve decision-making strategies, and develop the motivation to not use drugs. Also included are short individual sessions to discuss issues with students and provide referral sources when necessary.
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